Cell-Ed | Adult Education
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Adult Education

Serve more learners for less money and better results

Whether you’re a community college, library or literacy group, you’ve likely been disappointed in the past. Exerting resources to boost basic education and skills, only to reach limited numbers and end up with poor results. Cell-Ed’s off-the-shelf courses and live, on-demand coaches effectively and affordably teach learners with what’s already in their pockets: a cell phone.

Cell-Ed works. According to independent studies

2 to 4 years of learning gains in about 4 months
94% customer satisfaction, 30% higher than competitors
75% retention of material vs. 5% to 20% online/in class
84% faster skills gains via 3 min lessons

How it Works

  • Connect

    Your users call, text or click to access courses & content using any mobile device - with or without internet - 24/7.

  • Learn

    They listen to bite-sized lessons, see key concepts on their screen and text back to demonstrate understanding.

  • Get Support

    Live coaches are available anytime to support users when they need it most via a simple message or phone call.

  • Improve

    Users receive ongoing reinforcements of the training via back and forth text messaging and take quizzes so learning sticks.

Our Courses

Our high-quality courses are aligned with national standards such as Best PLUS, CASAS and NRS. But this is just the start. At the heart of Cell-Ed is a team of doctoral- and master’s-level education professionals who are curriculum experts in ed tech for adults. By designing and developing for working adults, who differ significantly from K-12 or collegiate learners, we ensure (and conduct UX/UI experience assessments to verify) that our courses are relevant to their lives. This makes them more effective.

  • Literacy

    Vamos a Leer (“Learn to Read”)

  • Language

    English on the Go (immersion, bilingual Spanish) | Spanish on the Go*

  • Job + Life Skills

    Health Literacy | Citizenship | Workforce Training | Pre-High School / College

  • Pre-High School & College*

    Reading | Math | Writing | Social Studies/Science

    • Enjoy higher rates of learner completion, engagement and proficiency
    • Serve all those who clamor for classes with unlimited scale
    • See where learners are struggling and succeeding with Cell-Ed’s proprietary dashboard that monitors every interaction
    • Let Cell-Ed manage everything for you or utilize our Cloud-based Learning Platform
    • Use our courses as stand-alone or supplemental to your instruction

Deliver meaningful learning by using Cell-Ed’s:

  • Personalized learning based on each learner’s ability and goals, with coaches on hand to help
  • Combination of audio with back-and-forth messaging most closely mimics one-to-one, conversational-style instruction
  • Designed specifically for adults


Key features

Cell-Ed recently beat other brand name competitors on engagement, overall satisfaction and user experience in an independent product test by 30 (yes, 30) percentage points because of these features.

  • Bite-sized, 3-minute lessons because research shows adults learn more effectively in short, easily digestible bursts.
  • Anywhere, anytime, any phone or mobile device. No internet or data plan needed.
  • Personalized, not one-size-fits-all, around learners’ ability, goals and priorities. Continuously updated to meet them where they are.
  • Live coaches available on demand to talk or text when learners need it most.

  • Real-life scenarios, such as communicating at work.
  • Track progress and utilization using our proprietary Cell-Ed dashboard.
  • Scalable so you can serve 300 users one day, 30,000 the next.
  • Self-directed so learners can spend more time on some lessons, less on others. Studies show practice and repetition are critical to lasting learning.
  • 2-way messaging for immediate feedback and direct communication at every stage.