Cell-Ed | Adult Education
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Adult Education

Serve more learners for less money and better results

Whether you’re a community college, library or literacy group, or government agency you’ve likely been disappointed in the past. Exerting resources to boost basic education and other essential skills only to reach limited numbers and end up with poor results. Cell-Ed’s proprietary courses effectively and affordably teach learners with what’s already in their pockets: a cell phone. Learners simply call, text or click to learn via voice and two-way texting on any mobile device. No internet or expensive data plan required. Anywhere, anytime.

Our Courses

Our high-quality courses, which are aligned with national standards such as Best PLUS, CASAS and NRS, have been developed by doctoral-level education professionals who are curriculum experts in ed tech design for low-literate populations. This ensures no disconnect between our learners’ lives and the course material, boosting outcomes.

  • Language

    English on the Go (immersion, bilingual Spanish) | Spanish on the Go*

  • Literacy

    Vamos a Leer (“Learn to Read”)

  • Job + Life Skills

    Health Literacy | Citizenship | Workforce Training | Pre-High School / College*

  • Pre-High School & College*

    Reading | Math | Writing | Social Studies/Science

*coming soon

Cell-Ed works. According to independent studies

2 to 4 years of learning gains in about 4 months
94% customer satisfaction, 30% higher than competitors
75% retention of material vs. 5% to 20% online/in class
84% faster skills gains via 3 min lessons

    • Serve all those who clamor for classes
    • Use our courses as stand-alone or supplemental to your instruction
    • Let Cell-Ed manage everything for you so less demand on your time and resources
    • Enjoy higher rates of learner completion, engagement and proficiency
    • Stop struggling to pull together classes, curriculum and teachers
    • See where learners are struggling and succeeding

Deliver meaningful learning by using Cell-Ed’s:

  • Off-the-shelf, high-quality courses
  • On-demand live coaches
  • Award-winning learning management system