Behind the Scenes: How Cell-Ed Transforms Traditional Adult Education

Behind the Scenes: How Cell-Ed Transforms Traditional Adult Education

Welcome to the first part of our Behind the Scenes video series and blog where we dive deep on the process and science behind how Cell-Ed sets their learners up for education and job success. 

In this video we have Lindsay Messoline and Megan Nitzsche Gomez, two brilliant adult educators and Cell-Ed curriculum developers, sharing how Cell-Ed transforms traditional adult education.

Lack of time is perhaps one of the biggest barriers in reaching and retaining adult learners, and yet most adult education programs have been designed for and measured by the amount of time learners spend in a classroom. 

This is why, at Cell-Ed, we’ve designed bite-sized, mobile learning courses with the intention that after 3 minutes learners have essential skills they can apply to their everyday lives. When learners come back, they can continue right where they left off, and keep building on those, and other relevant digital, health, and financial literacy skills that are built into the curriculum. So, while a learner is accomplishing their goal of learning English, or applying to colleges, they are also learning how to read graphs and other skills that will help them navigate daily life.

At Cell-Ed, we measure learner success based on skills learned and learner confidence. By giving learners the ability to progress at their own pace with an encouraging and friendly coach, we are simulating a type of 1-on-1 lesson which increases the amount of skills they can learn in a given amount of time. This engagement, along with our warm story-telling, invites learners to reflect on their own experiences and define their own success. This is what makes Cell-Ed so successful and unique. 

That sums up Part 1 of our Behind the Scenes video and blog series, stay tuned for Part 2 to discover how Cell-Ed learners and subject matter experts are central to Cell-Ed’s content creation process.

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