Beyond English Language – Immigrants Need Essential Life, Digital, Work, and Civics Skills to Succeed

Beyond English Language – Immigrants Need Essential Life, Digital, Work, and Civics Skills to Succeed

It’s exciting to see a greater focus on U.S. immigrants and refugees, and their often tumultuous pathway to citizenship. 

While English language learning is an important foundational element to success, immigrants, and refugees need a more holistic and integrated approach that includes life and work skills development.

Newcomers need a variety of essential skills such as understanding U.S. culture and civics, how to use public transportation, how the U.S. financial system works, how to get kids into schools and support their learning,  how to apply for and succeed at a job — and so much more. 

That’s why leading organizations such as the New York State Office for New Americans and California Department of Social Services (CDSS) partner with Cell-Ed. Cell-Ed provides learner-centered programs and live coaching models that fully integrates English learning, and essential life skills all in one radically accessible program. 

“We have seen learners begin Cell-Ed with 10% of English-language understanding, and by the end is achieving in the 80th percentile or higher in their post-exam,” Dr. Laura Gonzalez-Murphy, Director, New York State Office for New Americans. “A large part of this success is due to the comprehensiveness and efficacy of the Cell-Ed curriculum – it is easy to use, challenging, and interactive.”

Cell-Ed’s embeds essential skills into every lesson. Our English language courses teach more than pronunciation and grammar that teach relevant skills for daily life.

Cell-Ed’s integrated skills approach saves learners years as they gain critical skills immediately rather than a traditional scaffolded sequential approach. In addition, immigrants and refugees often need wraparound support, so Cell-Ed has developed a highly scalable, evidence-based live and automated coaching model. 

To learn more about Cell-Ed’s partnership with ONA and how we are working together to provide English-language learners with the training and tools needed to transform lives, click here.

In more than 54 countries, Cell-Ed reaches underserved populations who have fragmented knowledge with accessible, relevant, and science-based programs that put learners first. According to third-party researcher ProSocial Valuations, for every $1 spent on Cell-Ed programs, $55 is returned in social impact. 

We would love to connect and show you how our learner-centered programs can benefit your organization and those you serve. Reach out and we’ll show you.