Cell-Ed and the Barbara Bush Foundation Give Caregivers Tools to Improve Child Literacy and Transform Lives

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Cell-Ed and the Barbara Bush Foundation Give Caregivers Tools to Improve Child Literacy and Transform Lives

Children who attain foundational literacy skills early in life are far more likely to achieve academic and professional success. When kids don’t have the chance to realize these vital skills, catching up becomes more difficult as time goes on, especially as most academic learning depends upon first knowing how to read, and write. 

Building Future Readers AppTo help caregivers and parents support young children in developing literacy skills, we have partnered with the Barbara Bush Foundation to develop the Building Future Readers Program. Building Future Readers was designed for parents, caregivers, and early childcare providers looking to help children ages 3 to 8 to gain the reading skills needed to thrive. 

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Both Cell-Ed and the Barbara Bush Foundation are dedicated to helping address the important issue of childhood literacy. 

“Parents and caregivers play an essential role in early literacy skill development, but we know that many of them could use some simple, practical tips on helping their children become strong readers. We’re very excited to launch this new course, which combines our 30+ years of experience in family literacy with innovative mobile technology to reach parents and caregivers where they are, allowing them to learn anytime, anywhere.”

British A. Robinson, President and CEO of the Barbara Bush Foundation.

Caregivers play a vital and sometimes overlooked role in helping children develop basic skills – and the Building Future Readers courses address this.

“We’ve made the Building Future Readers Program easily accessible to adult learners who can use Cell-Ed to become more confident caregivers in an engaging and effective way. Adults can gain critical tips and skills anytime, anywhere on any mobile phone – making learning fun and efficient, freeing up caregivers’ valuable time and energy.” 

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, CEO and founder of Cell-Ed

The course, which is available in both English and Spanish, consists of two units. 

Building Future Readers WebThe first unit focuses on helping children with simple literacy strategies, and the second addresses more concrete reading strategies. Read more about the Building Future Readers units here

Using self-reflective questions and scenario-based learning, the curriculum will introduce adults to the best techniques to support children. 

Like other Cell-Ed courses, the curriculum is designed to lead learners through their lessons in a conversational format, with multiple Q & A’s and instantaneous feedback. 

Caregivers will also be able to contact their individual coach, who can field more specific questions or address issues that come up during the training. Additionally, learners will also be able to access a list of resources, tips, activity ideas, and free ebooks from within the Cell-Ed app for additional support. 

Children who fall behind developing foundational literacy skills are put at a disadvantage that can follow them through life. By supporting parents and caregivers with high-yield literacy strategies, Building Future Readers gives adults the tools to help kids develop essential skills that will aid them throughout their school years and beyond. 

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