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Cell-Ed is a social enterprise. Through our partnership with Public Health Foundation Health Enterprises (PHFE) a 501c3, Cell-Ed is able to accept your charitable dollars to deliver free access to Cell-Ed. In this way, even more learners have gained key skills ranging from learning to read, English language proficiency, applying for a secure job, communicating with their doctor, helping their child on homework, applying for Citizenship and more.


We can provide these benefits at low cost per learner for as low as $5 a month. With anytime, anywhere learning, we bridge costly opportunity divides and deliver what learners are asking for in real time. Every contribution you make to Cell-Ed will allow us to provide these services to individuals and families for a year:


$60 to give the gift of a literacy or language course to one learner with live Cell-Ed Coach

$100 to offer a learner access course with Cell-Ed Live Teacher

$300 to offer a learner unlimited access to Cell-Ed’s course catalogue and Cell-Ed Coach

$1000 per households to receive unlimited access to Cell-Ed and Cell-Ed Coach

$3500 for a dedicated phone line for your organization (eg. healthcare and educational institutions, public sector, community based organization, and more).