Cell-Ed | Events & Speaking
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Events & Speaking

Upcoming Events

November 6-8, 2018
United States Institute of Peace
Washington, DC

8th Annual Mobiles for Education Alliance Symposium

Using Technology to Scale Support for Teachers and CommunityEducators in Low-Resource Environments


November 12–14, 2018
Hyatt Regency
Cambridge, MA

2018 National College Transitions Conference

Advancing College and Career Readiness: Preparing Adult Learners for the Future of Work

Speaking at Past Events


Literation Lounge: Call, text or click your way to literacy with Dr. Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami


How Cell-Ed teaches illiterate people to read in just 4 months.

Project Literacy Lab

A fireside chat between Project Literacy Lab and Cell-Ed’s Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami.


At our tech partner Twilio’s developer conference, SIGNAL 2017, Cell-Ed’s Jessica spoke.


Cell-Ed participated in a panel discussion at MIT on perspectives on personalized learning and the power of rigorous research.