How do workers and learners use Cell-Ed?

  • Connect. Your users call, text or click to access Cell-Ed courses using any mobile device – with or without internet – 24/7. No expensive data plan needed.
  • Learn. They listen to bite-sized, 3-minute lessons, see key concepts on their screen and text back to demonstrate understanding.
  • Get support. Automated and live coaches are available on demand to support users when they need it most via a simple message or phone call.
  • Improve. Users receive ongoing reinforcements of the training via back-and-forth messaging and take quizzes so learning sticks.


Does Cell-Ed manage the courses, including answering users’ technical questions?
Yes. We can manage everything for you.


How much does Cell-Ed cost?
You pay a fraction of the cost of classroom-based options and we provide live coaches. Contact us for complete pricing details.


What evidence do you have that Cell-Ed is effective?
According to independent studies, Cell-Ed users experience:

2 to 4 years of learning gains in about 4 months
91% user experience, 20% higher than competitors
75% completion rate vs. 5% to 20% in class/online


For Cell-Ed’s off-the-shelf courses, where does your curriculum come from?
Our high-quality courses are aligned with national standards such as Best PLUS, CASAS and NRS. But this is just a start. At the heart of Cell-Ed is a team of doctoral- and master’s-level education professionals who are curriculum experts in ed tech for adults. By designing and developing for working adults, who differ significantly from K-12 or collegiate learners, we ensure (and conduct UX/UI experience assessments to verify) that our courses are relevant to their lives. This makes them more effective.


What do you mean by delivering “personalized” learning?
Right off the bat, we conduct a user needs assessment. We ask users about their goals and priorities and adapt our content to them. We also personalize the learning with live coaches who meet users where they are, boosting engagement. And our real-time tracking spots when a user is struggling so we can step in to help.


How long does it take to complete a Cell-Ed off-the-shelf course?
Most courses take up to 20 hours to complete and consist of about a dozen 3-minute lessons. Upon completion, users gain confidence, as well as digital certificates.


Why are your lessons so short?
Most of our lessons last only about 3 minutes because research shows adults learn more effectively in short, easily digestible bursts. There are about a dozen lessons in each course.


Can a user repeat a lesson?
Yes. Users decide whether to spend more time on some lessons, less on others. And they can repeat or brush up on a lesson at any time. Studies show that practice and repetition are critical to lasting learning.


How long do users have to complete a Cell-Ed course?
Users will have one year to complete a course from the first day they start using Cell-Ed.


How can I tell how my workers and learners are progressing?
Through Cell-Ed’s proprietary dashboard, we show you how often – and when – users are using Cell-Ed, how they’re interacting with the material and coaches, how much they’re learning and more.


What is the average reading level of a learner before and after a Cell-Ed literacy course?
For each course, there is pre-and post-assessment to measure a user’s progress. For a literacy course, we expect a user to leap 2 to 4 years in about 4 months in their broad reading scores, such as letter-word identification, reading fluency and passage comprehension.


I need to teach or train thousands of people. Can Cell-Ed do this?
Yes. We were built to scale. You can teach, train or inform 300 users one day, 30,000 the next.