From Precision Health to Precision Education, Co-Designing Solutions for Cancer Survivors

latinas-contra-cancer-1Collaboration is a driving force in Cell-Ed’s work. It is through collaboration that Latinas Contra el Cancer and Cell-Ed joined forces this past September to create a design thinking workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to identify cancer patients’ needs and challenges navigating the disease, and start developing a mobile solution to address those needs. Around ten women from Latinas Contra el Cancer, all of whom are cancer survivors, attended the workshop and shared their experiences.


It was illuminating to hear these women. From lack of enough information to language barriers that hindered communication with doctors, these women experienced roadblocks at several stages in their cancer journey. They all agreed that having access to health information anytime, anywhere would have improved their experience immensely. Hence, there is huge potential in creating a mobile solution that provides coaching and information to help these patients face the challenges of cancer in a more effective way.


Once again, this workshop underlined the importance of designing together to better understand the needs of our users. Cell-Ed and Latinas Contra el Cancer are committed to continuing their collaboration and bring the project into fruition in the future.