Cell-Ed | Healthcare
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Improve patient care team productivity and patient outcomes

More patients. Fewer resources. Higher standards of patient care. Less time. Your care teams are stressed, which can jeopardize patient care, increase turnover, balloon budgets and slow down the organization. But your staff wants to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and critical, up-to-date information to do their best work. They just want it in the most convenient, time efficient (i.e., not a marathon-long session) and personalized way. And you want it delivered in the most affordable and effective way, which means mobile. Cell-Ed’s award-winning platform can do both. You can also provide patients with similar on-the-go access. Whether it’s a course on managing their diabetes or an ongoing reminder to check blood sugar levels.

Deliver a new patient safety alert or a post-training survey that get results to your team’s mobile devices instantly by voice and two-way texting. Anywhere, anytime. No internet or expensive data plan required.

Cell-Ed doesn’t tax your organization’s time and resources – whether serving care teams or patients. We can create and manage everything for you, from disseminating mass updates to providing live, on-demand coaches.

You’ll also be able to see how your teams and patients are progressing and utilizing Cell-Ed through our proprietary data dashboard. How often – and when – they’re interacting with Cell-Ed. How quickly they’re learning. And how well.

Cell-Ed is proven effective

84% faster skills gains via 3 min lessons

91% user experience. 20% higher than competitors

95% customer renewal rate

  • Team training and communications on the go lead to:

    • Improved quality of patient care
    • Lower costs
    • Higher retention
    • Improved job performance, productivity and opportunities
    • Quick knowledge, skills and information uptake
    • Less confusion, fewer mistakes
    • More patient-focused, engaged and satisfied care team