Cell-Ed | How It Works
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How It Works

The Cell-Ed Experience

Starting with literacy, language and job skills, Cell-Ed provides a pathway to essential skills for youth and adults that is convenient, engaging and available on any phone. Learners simply call, text or click to complete Cell-Ed 3 minute MicroModules, bite size, stackable automated lessons, reach their coach for tailored instruction, and receive certificates upon completion of a course. Our courses are developed and written by experts, who follow the Best + and other guidelines. See our available courses or contact us for customized options.


Cell-Ed is available across all platforms- learners can learn by calling, by downloading our apps, or online. Cell-Ed’s cloud-based platform and learner management system tracks learner progress and key data essential for tailoring instruction and improving our product. Cell-Ed’s course builder allows us to modify and adapt content in real time and to provide customized solutions for organizations seeking to scale mobile learning for their members/clients.

Learner Centered

Learner Centered

We start where our learners are at and grow with them. With a needs assessment, we learn what our learners’ goals are and the tech tools they use. With two-way communication, we get real time feedback to continually improve our product.
Mobile First

Mobile First

Designed from the start for mobile phones, we know our learners need an on the go learning option. We don’t adapt a classroom course or a textbook. Instead, we start with our learners’ needs to create convenient, engaging, fun essential skills lessons.
Social Learning

Social Learning

Right from the start, learners are connected to live coaches for tailored learning. Cell-Ed tracks progress and real skills gained and learners are connected with communities of learners.

Proven* with outstanding results

Learners leaped 2 years - in four months - in their basic reading skills with Cell-Ed.

75% completed the program, as compared with 20-50% retention with traditional, classroom-based programs, at a fraction of the time.

Access to courses at all hours of the day.

Works on all types of phones.