How Social Services use Cell-Ed for Work Readiness and Critical Communications

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How Social Services use Cell-Ed for Work Readiness and Critical Communications


One of the most exciting things about our jobs at Cell-Ed is how we are able to change lives and work with amazing organizations that have the same commitment to vulnerable populations as we do. In this blog article, I’d like to share how we’ve supported some large organizations like state-run social services in their initiatives to bridge skill gaps via remote learning. These are just a couple of examples of how Cell-Ed is supporting organizations in innovative and effective ways.

Work Readiness and Foundational Skill Building for California Department of Social Services (CDSS)

Earlier this spring, we began partnering with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to provide their clients with work readiness and foundational skills, as well as COVID-19 guides through Cell-Ed’s mobile-first education and training platform. This program, which began in May 2020, is planned to continue at least through June of 2021.

This innovative partnership allows CDSS clients enrolled in CalFresh E&T, CalWORKs Welfare to Work, and Refugee Support Services to use Cell-Ed’s scientifically-proven Remote Learning Solution to receive education and training to build countable participation hours while sheltering or caring for others at home. Countable hours can be used by learners to meet their public benefits requirements for each CDSS program.

Through this partnership, Cell-Ed’s mobile-first programs are available directly and free to all California counties.

County representatives have access to Cell-Ed’s data & reporting to track client progress and countable hours. Case managers are able to communicate with Cell-Ed coaches to monitor progress.

Here are some of the exciting early stats on the program:

> 398 CDSS staff representatives from 48 counties have signed up to administer the program, representing CalWORKs, CalFresh E&T, Refugee Support Services, and General Relief/General Assistance

> Clients have gained an average of 207 skills (over 79,000 total!), such as applying for a job or communicating with a boss

> Top completed courses include Exploring Job Options & Opportunities, Starting a New Job, COVID-19, Work-Life Balance, and Goal Setting

> Top active courses include English Levels 1, 2 & 6, Writing, Exploring Job Options & Opportunities, Inglés Introducción 1 (en español), COVID-19, Communicating on the Job, Writing & Social Studies

What learners are saying about the program:

“Even though I am only required to do 20 hours, I want to continue studying and do 2 hours every day because I love the curriculum and I want to keep learning. Using text messages to learn is very innovative and it is great for those of us who don’t have internet access. It is very convenient. Whoever came up with this program is a genius. Every school in the US should do this – to have a program that can teach via text messages. You can really learn this way.”

“I would definitely recommend this. It is really helpful and you can do it whenever you have time. I just connect my headphones and listen even when I’m cooking or when I’m with my daughter. It’s much easier to follow than courses where you need to be on the laptop. I tried to do other courses via Zoom but I couldn’t focus because of my daughter. I couldn’t sit down for 30 minutes because my daughter wanted to play or take the computer. With this program, I just put my phone in my pocket and listen, so it is very convenient.”

“The program is great, especially the work series. I actually landed a couple of interviews because of that. Specifically, the course on self-confidence and goal-setting really helped me.”

“I really love the program and I wish more people would try it out, especially older people. It really helps refresh concepts. Whoever came up with the program, it is a really good idea. I have only positive things to say about this course.”

Disaster CalFresh Critical Communications and Emergency Solutions

The second program that we’re really proud to share with you is our partnership with Disaster CalFresh, known federally as Disaster-SNAP. Cell-Ed developed a phone-based pre-registration tool to enable California’s first-ever remote application process to access support for eight counties impacted by the devastating fires in August 2020.

Here’s how it works: residents call Cell-Ed, answer some questions, are told if they are likely to qualify (or not), and are added to county workers’ queues. County workers call pre-registrants during the application process to finish the process. The solution enables county workers to communicate via text to residents and gather documents such as photo identification and receipts.

So far, Cell-Ed has handled 973 pre-registrants from 10 counties, and is poised to support California’s efforts in Disaster-SNAP benefits for those impacted by future fires.

We are proud of these programs that have proven to be highly impactful and innovative. These two programs showcase just a small sampling of how we can help upskill and reach vulnerable populations. There are many ways that the Cell-Ed disaster communications and education platform can support government organizations, non-profits, and businesses around the world.

Would you like to learn more about how Cell-Ed can support your complex challenges communicating with hard to reach populations? Set up a quick call, let us show you why Cell-Ed is changing lives every day.