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Cell-Ed International

Cell-Ed was born out of a staggering need: Over two billion adults want to gain critical language and life skills, but lack access. A group of dedicated and innovative educators, entrepreneurs and technologists responded by using one of the world’s most innovative and pervasive technology developments: mobile phones. Cell-Ed purposefully removes any barriers to access because courses are offered over voice and text, where data and the Internet are not required. Delivering courses via any phone – feature to smart – coupled with live coaching, allows Cell-Ed to bring the world of personalized learning to the palm of  anyone’s hand.


We have tested and proven this approach in the United States. The research results of these programs exceeded expectations:

75% completed the program, as compared with 20-50% retention with traditional, classroom-based programs, at a fraction of the time.

Learners studied around the clock, proving the need for flexible, convenient access.

Self-esteem and self-efficacy rates notably increased, leading to greater confidence in society and the workplace.

int_goals_educationCell-Ed’s effective approach is based on two key processes:

  1. The learner-centered design model
  2. Mobile first access

These are important components to any lifelong learning system that governments, institutions and corporations have approved with the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and in particular, Goal 4 (United Nations, September 2015).

Through our unique mobile learning platform, Cell-Ed provides relevant and contextual content for any type of entities. From a company that needs to educate their employees on key skills and policies to a branch of government that would like to deliver life-changing adult education for citizens and immigrants, Cell-Ed can create engaging and effective mobile first content.


Are you a branch of government that would like to deliver life-changing adult/youth education for citizens and immigrants?


Globally, all governments have committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as adopted at the United Nations in September 2015. The SDG focus on 17 goals and 169 targets. For example, Goal 4 – “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning” requires governments to expand the current system to become more inclusive, improve quality and build the lifelong learning system. In the context of diminishing resources and funds and not enough qualified educators, being able to achieve the Goal by 2030 poses a great challenge to governments.


Technology can be useful to support learning and build the lifelong learning systems. Cell-Ed focuses on working with governments, government institutions and local organizations to design and deliver courses using mobile phones. Such courses could be formal or non-formal, curriculum related or supplementary to formal education, adult education and related to work-based skills.

Donor and Development Agencies

Are you an organization that focuses on achieving the SDGs and working with governments, NGOs and institutions to address education and training needs?


Increasingly, technology is being used to support quality learning, increase scale, lower costs and use devices that are widely available as a learning platform. Cell-Ed has shown the value of a learner-centered course design model, using the power of voice, text and tutor/coach support to learning and working with local organizations to ensure a contextualized learning that meets the needs of the learner and society/economy.


In partnership with relevant government, institutions and NGOs, Cell-Ed and Donor/development agencies are able to leverage technology to address these challenges and support an impactful and sustainable model that can achieve the SDGs.


Are you a company that needs to educate your employees on key skills and policies? Are you committed to being a good corporate citizen and building the economy and society of the country that you operate in?


Supporting school and post school education & training; youth development; civic, health & environmental education, corporates are contributing to a countries development, building a skilled workforce and future markets and addressing the SDGs. Cell-Ed offers unique opportunities for businesses to use mobile phones, ensure highly contextualized learning and ability to scale. This helps build brand awareness amongst learners and society. We also help corporates to work in partnership with government, institutions and community organizations to meet education needs using mobile phones.