Lower-paid workers increased wages and employment by using mobile learning platform Cell-Ed in 2020, new study finds

Lower-paid workers increased wages and employment by using mobile learning platform Cell-Ed in 2020, new study finds

For every $1 invested in Cell-Ed, $55 was created in social ROI, proving the company’s ability to widely benefit workers and society

PALO ALTO – September 9, 2021 – Cell-Ed, a mobile learning company, today released new findings from an independent ProSocial Valuation research report that measured and evaluated the dollar value of the gains adult workers accrued after using Cell-Ed’s essential skills courses (e.g., reading and math) over any mobile device in 2020, as well as the company’s broader social impact. 

For every $1 invested in Cell-Ed, the report found, $55 was created in social ROI. Nearly 90 percent of the study’s 5,000 Cell-Ed participants were people of color and 60 percent were women. Independent researchers calculated how they benefited from using the company’s courses and coaches in 2020, which led to: 

  • higher wages
  • increased employment 
  • positive education and economic benefits for their children
  • increased volunteerism and decreased incarceration


Cell-Ed Impact Image Total“As ever, we are impressed and inspired by our learners’ gains and elated that this has been further quantified,” said Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, CEO of Cell-Ed. “This evidence-based, data-driven research from ProSocial Valuation paints a broader picture of the total value our learners and Cell-Ed create together while providing an additional third-party proof point for all those we work with. We will continue to execute on our core principles of listening to what our learners tell us and delivering exactly what they ask for.”

Applying the same rigor used to report financial ROI, the researchers placed a dollar amount on each outcome attributable to Cell-Ed during 2020. They found that this amounted to every $1 invested in Cell-Ed generating $55 in social capital, with the company creating more than $30 million of social capital last year alone. View the full methodology and findings of the return-on-purpose report, which was funded by Strada Education Network, a nonprofit social impact organization dedicated to improving lives by forging pathways between education and employment. Strada is an investor in Cell-Ed.


About Cell-Ed 

Cell-Ed is a mobile-first learning company based in Palo Alto, California. Our science-based learning is proven to teach essential life and job skills more effectively and in a fraction of time by delivering engaging micro-lessons, coaching, and certificates over messaging and audio on any mobile device, even a basic phone. Currently, Cell-Ed’s 500+ partners in 54 countries deliver Cell-Ed programs, such as language and digital literacy, numeracy, job skills, health, and their own custom programs via our training, communications, and data analytics platform to better reach, teach, text, coach and upskill their learners and workers on any device. To learn more, visit www.cell-ed.com. Media contact: Aisling Carroll – aisling@cell-ed.com – (510) 334-7887.