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Extend your once-off training and education of frontline workers into ongoing communication that boosts performance and engagement. Monitor and measure every user interaction at a glance.

  • Courses, Content & More

  • Use our proprietary courses or let us transform your content specific to your needs.

    • Personalized, short bursts of learning
    • Audio, video, texts
    • Scalable learning that sticks
    • Flexible course builder
    • On demand

  • Personal Communication

  • Send out push notifications (alerts, reminders) and communicate in real time to engage, help and encourage users.

    • Two-way texting
    • Customizable
    • Automated or 1:1
    • Individual or group messaging
    • Track open and response rates

  • Customizable Assessments & Surveys

  • Assess what your users know or have learned, and administer surveys quickly.


    • Baseline assessments
    • Track learning gains
    • Measure effectiveness
    • Garner feedback
    • Customizable

  • Learning Management System & Analytics

  • Track user engagement, progress and completion with our dynamic reporting.


    • Data analytics
    • Actionable insights
    • Identify gaps and needs
    • Individual and aggregate levels
    • Download, generate and share

Easy to Use

    Key features

    Cell-Ed recently beat other brand name competitors on engagement, overall satisfaction and user experience in an independent product test by an average of 20 percentage points because of these features.

    • Anywhere, anytime, any phone or mobile device. No internet or data plan needed.
    • Personalized, not one-size-fits-all, around users’ ability, learning goals and priorities. Continuously updated to meet them where they are.
    • Automated and live coaches available on demand to talk or text when users need it most.
    • Bite-sized, 3-minute learning because research shows adults learn more effectively in short, easily digestible bursts.
    • Real-life scenarios, such as communicating at work.

    • 2-way texting for immediate feedback and direct communication at every stage.
    • Self-directed so users can spend more time on some lessons, less on others. Studies show practice and repetition are critical to lasting learning.
    • Scalable so you can serve 300 users one day, 30,000 the next.
    • Track progress and utilization using our proprietary dashboard.

    Cell-Ed is proven effective

    84% faster skills gains via 3 min lessons

    91% user experience. 20% higher than competitors

    95% customer renewal rate