Did you know that most training programs are designed for college level learners? That’s great if your workers are college level, not so great for the millions of learners who aren’t.


WHAT IF your entry-level front line workers could quickly learn basic literacy, numeracy, digital acumen, and critical thinking skills?


WHAT IF your employees who don’t speak English well enough to use your high-level learning programs could gain the skills they need to thrive?


WHAT IF your employees who don’t have access to the internet could use a feature phone to learn?


WHAT IF learners who can’t take an evening or weekend course at a nearby community college could still get the training they need when they have time?


WHAT IF everyone could learn while commuting, while their baby is taking a nap, while waiting at the bus stop? Any time… without internet required… on any device… at their exact level of need… with a personal coach to encourage… with micro-lessons proven to be 84% more effective for learning quickly.


That’s WHAT we do.
That’s WHY we win awards. That’s WHY employers love us.
That’s HOW we’re changing people’s lives, one learner at a time.
Join us.

Cell-Ed Programs – 1,000+ hours of ready-to-go content and personal coaching for a customized experience.

Reading On the Go™

Numeracy On the Go™

Citizenship & Civics

English On the Go™

Spanish On the Go™

Vocational Language Learning


WorkReady Suite™

WorkReady Advanced™

Custom solutions available including compliance, onboarding, equity and inclusion, certificate and credential pathways.
For a full list of courses, please contact us at info@cell-ed.com