Upskilling Hotel Workers in Massachusetts

Upskilling Hotel Workers in Massachusetts

Seaport Hotel in Massachusetts is using Cell-Ed to create and deliver courses and skills over mobile phones to boost frontline workers’ vocational English, resulting in more engaged employees. 

Seaport Hotel, frequently ranked as one of Boston’s best places to work, will use Cell-Ed’s off-the-shelf mobile English classes. These courses will supplement the hotel’s existing on-site, customized ESL instruction, which is run by World Education, for frontline employees like Solange.*

Recently immigrated from Cape Verde, Solange was unable to fulfill her goal of improving her English because she lacked large, uninterrupted blocks of time to commute and attend traditional classes, and she didn’t easily place in them. Too proficient for some, not proficient enough for others.

But Solange was eager to learn, knowing greater English proficiency would enable her to both do a better job at the hotel and to take her citizenship prep exam. So when Seaport launched their blended learning model with Cell-Ed’s mobile arm, she was thrilled to study at her exact level as a result of Cell-Ed’s personalization.

Through the initiative, Seaport employees are also receiving SkillBoosts. These are Cell-Ed’s two-way messaging capabilities that the hotel uses to send workers reminders and quizzes about specific industry-related content covered in class (e.g., how to speak with a Health and Safety specialist), as well as information regarding the hotel’s real-time needs (e.g., delivery of extra tablecloths to the banqueting room).

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*Solange is not her real name.