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Increase worker retention, performance and engagement

Your low-skilled workers often struggle for the basic skills and information they need to succeed. The results? High turnover rates. Inconsistent performance. Unfilled vacancies. Easily and quickly reach, retain and upskill your deskless workers with Cell-Ed.

Save time, gain support

Save time, gain support

Our team of mobile-first experts can quickly ‘Cell-Edify’, customize and manage your training and communications on the go. You can fill any training gaps with our engaging, off-the-shelf courses and provide unmatched user support with Cell-Ed’s live, on-demand coaches.
Deliver instantly at scale

Deliver instantly at scale

Deliver your newly ‘Cell-Edified’ on-boarding materials, an updated safety procedure or a reminder that get results to your workers’ mobile devices instantly by audio and two-way messaging. Anywhere, anytime, any phone and any number of workers. No internet or expensive data plan needed.
Monitor and measure

Monitor and measure

Is the training working? Are your engagement efforts hitting home? See how your workers are progressing and utilizing Cell-Ed through our clear, colorful dashboard. View how quickly they’re learning. And how well.

Cell-Ed is proven effective. According to independent studies:

94% customer satisfaction, 30% higher than competitors
75% retention of material vs. 5% to 20% online/in class
84% faster skills gains via 3 min lessons

Real jobs skills for real jobs.

Can workers learn basic skills on their phones?

  • Learning on the go leads to:

    • Higher retention
    • Improved job performance, productivity and opportunities
    • Quick skills uptake
    • Lower costs
    • More aligned and engaged workers
    • Increased confidence and commitment to career growth
    • Effective internal communications