Founder’s Note: A New and Expanded Mission

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, PhD
November 13, 2023

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou


At the heart of human suffering is the inability to have one’s story expressed, heard, and supported. A root cause of this inability is living in a digital world not designed for the world’s majority. Think of all the products and solutions dropped on people and places with no regard for relevance, meaning, or purpose. Pushing boxes to make billions, but not designing solutions to serve the billions.


In the US alone, 1 in 3 people still struggle with the basic functional and digital literacy skills required to properly find and comprehend information digitally and access available services.


At Cell-Ed, which stands for cellular-based education, it is our responsibility to change this. When I first started this company almost 10 years ago, I learned co-developing solutions to actual (not perceived) needs could alleviate suffering. It sounds simple, but it is anything but.


But as we approach our 10th anniversary, my peers, colleagues, partners, and myself are proud to look back and acknowledge that we have:

  • Delivered more than 750,000 courses via our proprietary micro-learning and coaching platform
  • Helped improve the lives of more than 10 million people across 54 countries


But there is still so much more to do.


With 10 years behind us and looking towards the next 10, it is important to remember our mission to connect the dots and bridge the gaps between broken systems with intuitive digital hubs and friendly live coaches and care navigators to better serve the hardest to reach.


The key partnerships we’ve built and forged for the greater good will be essential in further allowing us to jointly execute on our commitment to improve digital equity and close functional literacy gaps for vulnerable populations, providing better life, work, and health outcomes as a result. These partners truly help turn dreams into a reality.


Which is why we are thrilled to launch Cell-Ed 360°, our full-circle Technology, Professional Services, and Managed Services solution to co-design, launch and administer education, social and healthcare programs for safety net, frontline workers, and other vulnerable populations.


We welcome everyone to join our mission, so that, together, we can build pathways to a more inclusive and equitable future. 


Thank you for your continued partnership and support.


Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, PhD
Founder & CEO


To learn more about Cell-Ed and how we can bridge skills gaps for your learners, let us show you how Cell-Ed Works.

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