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CELL-ED<br />


Cell-Ed courses integrate essential skills for youth and adults into every mobile learning micro-lesson to provide a pathway from low literacy to education and job success.

Cell-Ed makes it easy, fun, fast and affordable to reach, engage and upskill over mobile.

no internet, data plan or classroom required

  • Provide engaging, micro-learning to unlimited learners and workers and unmatched coaching support
  • Deliver training on demand and monitor progress with a customized training platform
  • Cell-Ed’s remote learning experts can quickly transform, customize and manage training and communications needs

“I work 13 hours a day so it is exhausting. Cell-Ed is great because it doesn’t feel like I’m studying. It’s fun to text back and forth and I’m so proud when I get the right answer.” – Frontline worker

CELL-MED<br />


Cell-Ed is an innovative learning model that teaches members scenarios for professional life such as customer service.

Syuzanna Petrosyan, Healthcare workers at SEIU, California

Cell-Med provides a mobile solution to aid patients and care teams.

make accurate, real time, actionable information available to all

  • With Cell-Med, deliver healthcare training and patient management via micro-learning on any mobile device
  • With Cell-Med, provide exercise therapy, patient reported outcome tracking and live health coaching
  • Gauge care team and patient progress utilizing Cell-Ed’s customizable training, data analytics & communications platform

“From patient navigation, urgent training to delivering rapid response to COVID-19 programming, Cell-Med delivers the radically accessible and relevant programming we desperately need.” – Physician, Stanford University Medicine

CELL-DEV<br />


We partner with Cell-Ed… to extend DLA’s in-person teacher training… [to] give the next generation of girls, and boys, the skills and confidence that enable them to end cycles of poverty, and create a world where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.

Discovery Learning Alliance

Cell-Dev provides a mobile-first platform for international development.

deliver micro-lesson programming customized to the need

  • Deliver engaging, personalized, and localized content to teach, train and engage
  • Develop, test, and scale programs to reach mobile learning and evaluation need
  • Monitor real-time data, feedback and results to evaluate and improve

“The simplicity of the technology allows for accessibility by any learner of any age, of any resources, and of any technological literacy.” – Government official