Radically Accessible Technology

Designed specifically to also reach and address the needs of low-literacy, low-resourced populations.

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Micro-Learning Platform

Easily digestible lessons with maximum retention for learners with no time to waste.

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Digital Resource Hubs

A centralized web-experience that houses all your program resources, content and information.

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Training & Education

Offer 1,000+ hours of ready-made learning pathways and certifications.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time insights and reporting on individual and aggregated user progress.

Give your program the full-service treatment.

Take advantage of our other services to accelerate your programs.

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Let’s connect and talk about how Cell-Ed can help you accelerate your organization’s programs.


Short lessons, long-term results.

Our radically accessible approach to learning helps break down complex literacy, math and workforce training concepts into highly engaging 3-minute lessons that stick.


Quick lessons, long-term results


A centralized destination experience​


A centralized destination experience for all.

We help you build and manage radically accessible digital hubs to centralize all of your education and community resources, community partners, program FAQs and information, and so much more.


Real-time insights for better decisions.

Get the essential information you need with the click of a button. Whether it’s a high-level overview or drilled-down specifics, it’s all-in-one intuitive dashboard.


Real-time insights, for better decisions.

outreach services

Offer value, create connection.

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outreach services

Offer value, create connection

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Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what clients are saying.

Dr. Laura Gonzalez-Murphy, Director of NY State Office for New Americans
I am proud that the State of New York is launching this first-of-its kind program and leading the way in expanding opportunity for all people. Cell-Ed supports every immigrant, refugee, and English-learner in reaching their goals and their pursuit of the American Dream.
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Steven Fiedler, Yolo County DSS
Cell-Ed's responsiveness, engagement with counties, and attention to detail has been great. Cell-Ed has been extremely helpful and responsive with all our questions. Communication is clear and helpful.
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Julietta Karapetyan, LA County GROW
Cell-Ed is truly very innovative and a great remote learning solution.
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Lesa Ukman, President of ProSocial Valuation Service
For funders seeking to do the most good with their dollars, Cell-Ed is an unduplicated opportunity.
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Trusted by government and healthcare agencies, libraries and employers across the US.
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