Cell-Ed | Our Team
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Our Team

We are Technologists. Entrepreneurs. Teachers. Designers. Community Practitioners. Together, we’re working to bring essential skills training to the palm of anyone’s hand. We know how stubborn opportunity gaps are, but Team Cell-Ed’s learner-centered, mobile first approach aims to tackle them one personalized course at a time. Join us.

Our Story

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Jessica is an impact entrepreneur with over 20 years experience designing and delivering relevant tech to global markets. Her on-the-ground experience in over 40 countries stems from her rigorous attention to customer needs.
Vis Naidoo, MEd
Chief Ed Tech
Vis is a leader in educational technology, open and distance learning, organizational development and building partnerships whose work spans the corporate, non-profit, government and university sectors.
Cristina M. Regalado, MBA
Chief Design
Cristina is a social innovations expert in philanthropy, nonprofits, leadership and organizational transformation. She applies an integrated approach to match big vision with creative and sustainable solutions.
Sebastian Ricaldoni, MS
Chief Architect
Sebastian is a full stack engineer and software developer who joins Cell-Ed after working with IBM, Hewlett Packard and a Silicon Valley medtech start up.
Sonali Joshi, MBA
Chief Operations
Sonali brings over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, collaborative leadership, stakeholder management, marketing, program implementation and social innovation.
Jeff Bruner
Technology Director
Jeff is the director of technology at Cell-Ed. Prior to joining Cell-Ed, he managed the Intel Newsroom as a CDI Inc. project lead.
Lindsay Messoline, MA
Curriculum Director
Lindsay, the “Voice of Cell-Ed” has worked in adult education for over 15 years – in the US and Mexico. She is a recognized educator specializing in adult literacy and Spanish grammar, and has extensive experience with immigrant and at-risk learners.
Megan Nitzsche
Curriculum Developer
Megan is an experienced English Language Learning instructor with over 8 years in the field. Prior to Cell-Ed, she built literacy skills for low-income students, and taught original curriculum to international high school students.
Pilar Gomez-Marmolejo, MA
Head Teacher
Pilar is dedicated to developing more meaningful and sustainable ways to combine adult education and e-learning. She has been with Cell-Ed since the beginning leading recruitment efforts, participant interviews and assessments.
Camille Gommeaux
Program Director
Camille oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of Cell-Ed. She is a native of France who graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in International Studies and Global Health. Prior to Cell-Ed, she worked in event planning, grant writing, and fundraising for different non-profits.
Jeff Mac Strong
Sales Director
Jeff Mac enjoys work in business development, sales and marketing processes, and operational leadership. He brings an entrepreneurial partnership approach to helping complex organizations effectively leverage their resources to see their vision and mission statements become a reality.

Dr Sue Smalley

Co-Founder, Author, Professor Emeritus

Kevin Wall

Co-founder, Digital Entrepreneur

Dr Mahad Ibrahim

Investor, Tech Design

Ambassador Carmen Lomellin

Principal, Lomellin Global Partners, LLC

Lynda Talgo, MBA

COO, EBay, HP, Facebook

Dr Jaspal Sandhu

Investor, Mobile Engineer

Karla Perez-Mendoza

Educational Research and Bilingual Educator

Gloria Lau

Equity Partner, Data Collective

Ian Goldin

Director, Oxford Martin school

Danielle Miller

Co-Founder, Community Health

Our Vision

  • We are dedicated to reaching the close to two billion people worldwide and 1 in 4 adults in the United States who lack the literacy, language and essential skills they need and demand.
  • We co-create solutions with our partners to deliver content that is most impactful to learners.
  • We respect the diversity of needs and perspectives of our learning communities and seek to collaborate to bring more options within reach.
  • We understand the ripple effects that access to quality learning can have: education can reduce costs in unemployment, poverty, poor health, and crime.