Uncommon Partnerships to Empower Adult Learners

Written by Jennifer Hernandez
Published March 15, 2024

Education is a crucial step in improving the lives of the 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. who still struggle with basic functional and digital literacy skills. Unfortunately, it’s these very skills that they need to find, access, and comprehend information digitally in order to take advantage of essential services available to them. 


However, while Cell-Ed has been providing accessible, mobile-first education backed by decades of research and field work, we also know that education is just the beginning. As a community, we must also help connect the dots and bridge the gaps across broken systems to better serve the hardest-to-reach populations.


Bigger than Meeting Learning Objectives

Adult education, as well as upskilling and reskilling, is more than curriculum and meeting learning objectives. While we would like to approach the work as helping adults maximize their full potential, it’s often first about helping individuals gain basic needs like getting a steady job that pays a living wage and feeling hopeful about one’s future.


Our role as social changemakers is to help adult learners meet these immediate basic needs, so that one day they can fulfill their ultimate life goal, which often is no longer about them but rather that of their family and the next generation. To fully heal and move individuals and communities forward, we must do our part in looking at the holistic picture of what it takes to truly bridge all of those gaps.


Creating Holistic Ecosystems of Supports

 Our platform, Cell-Ed 360°, is a full-circle solution that aims to help meet basic needs of  vulnerable populations via highly accessible, easily digestible education and information about essential services – we call them ‘digital hubs’. With digital hubs, we are able to provide access points through our own products and services and that of our partners. This combined approach provides a holistic solution of workforce training, career navigation, increased access to healthcare, and basic literacy to help them take their first step towards a better future.


This framework matches that of one of our key thought partners, World Education. After conducting a study in 2021 that explored the impact of remote learning capabilities, World Education established a system to illustrate the close relationship between champions, service providers, technology providers, and the workforce, and the nuanced benefits each stakeholder contributed, from data sharing to referrals. This analysis is deeply aligned with our ethos and cements our wraparound approach.


Uncommon Partnerships Working Towards Common Goals

We believe that effective social programs require deep partnership and collaboration amongst uncommon partners that come together under a common goal. As such, we work hard to build programs that incorporate all the technology and partnerships to provide access to the much-needed services that will help meet their basic needs.



Gladeo is a great example of what some might call an ‘uncommon partnership’. Gladeo is an inclusive platform that empowers both jobseekers and those who guide them. Their roots lie in K12, but together, we are exploring ways to leverage their digital career development platform in new ways for adult learners.


Providing 1-1, live coaching to every adult learner is what some might also call an uncommon approach. No other digital learning platform does this, certainly not to the extent we do. We believe this is pivotal in building a human, cultural connection which does so much to encourage learning, setting personal goals and staying motivated to meet them. Now our coaches can also help Cell-Ed learners navigate the wraparound services they need.


Looking Ahead

When it comes to digital equity and functional literacy, there are so many unique needs that must be met in order to see tangible results. While it’s a daunting task, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible to access and utilize any and all tools, resources, and education available. 


We are fortunate to have like-minded partners like World Education and Gladeo to help us along the way, and the unwavering support of our highly trained, Cell-Ed coaches that are culturally and linguistically representative of the populations we serve.

Let’s connect the dots, together. We can do this.

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