Cell-Ed | About
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Our story

We are mobile first because 89% of low-skilled, low-literate, low-wage US workers who desperately want to learn can’t get to a class because of work commitments and transportation issues, or because there’s no class available. The statistics are worse internationally. We find this unacceptable.


So we built an easy way for millions of workers worldwide to acquire literacy, language and jobs skills on any device – from smartphones to tablets to computers to even flip phones – with no internet connection or data plan needed.


They access Cell-Ed’s 3-minute, interactive lessons and content through employers and education providers to nab jobs, nail promotions or navigate credentials and degrees to better their lives. Employers and education providers use Cell-Ed’s complete mobile solution to more effectively and less expensively reach, retain and upskill them.


Millions of messages have been exchanged between Cell-Ed and learners who experience 84% faster skill gains with us. Our personalized and scalable platform, real-world courses and customizable content are used by Discovery, the States of New York and Texas, SEIU, the Los Angeles Public Library and large employers.


Launched in 2014, we are a women-led social enterprise based in Palo Alto, California.