Cell-Ed | About
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Our story

As educators, designers and technologists, we are dedicated to closing the basic skills gap and opening up opportunities worldwide. So we develop truly personalized mobile experiences; the ones proven to most effectively reach, retain and upskill workers on the go.


Sometimes they’re for a home care worker in Pittsburgh who needs better reading skills to decipher instructions. Other times, they’re for a teacher in Nigeria who needs a reminder about tomorrow’s lesson plan. Or for an electrician in New York who wants to boost her digital skills so she can lock down a promotion.


‘Learner-centered’ is not a buzzword at Cell-Ed. It’s how we decide what to design and build, and how to operate. It’s what sets us apart. And it’s why our users – and you – succeed.


Whether success to you means increasing retention, engagement or learning outcomes, we can deliver.


We are a social enterprise based in Palo Alto, California.